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We've got the remedy.

Allow our massage team to create a customized massage aimed at solving all of your wellness needs.

Customized Comfort

Not everyones massage needs are the same. Are you looking for relaxation? Do you have a specific pain that needs to be addressed? Has it just been a stressful week? The Frederick's Massage team will consult with you and develop the perfect solution to your issues.


Peace and Tranquility

Enter our dimly lit spa and relax into a Signature Robe to start your wellness journey. Enjoy the warm fireplace and relax in our one of a kind relaxation room prior and after your service.

Lynn Y | 2/7/2024

"One of the best massages I've ever had. The environment was quiet, relaxing and calm. The therapist took time to review how best to care for a person with MS"
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