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Hayleigh McKee

Salon Apprentice

Hayleigh was born and raised in Wheeling, right outside of Woodsdale in a neighborhood called Gregsville. She currently still lives in Wheeling. 

Her dream is to specialize in blondes, as they are her favorite service to do. Although she does love her blondes, she is invested in every client that sits in her chair. Her end goal is to make all of her clients feel just as beautiful as they are. Not only does she want them to see their beauty, she always wants them to feel like they have a safe space with her. 

She is a chatterbox and loves to listen, so she wants each client to love coming to the salon and having a relaxing space to unwind. 

Outside of work, she is always outside, she likes to go on walks and camping, and she loves family time. Her family does special game nights often and she cherishes those moments more than anything. 


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